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The Southern Alpine Resort Management Board is established by the Alpine Resorts (Management) Act
1997 s 34 (2). The board is deemed to be the committee of management of all the Crown Land within the
Lake Mountain Alpine Resort and Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort which are deemed to be permanently reserved under the Crown Land Reserves Act 1978.

Priorities and Objectives

The board will pursue the visions for the resorts and success as a Committee of Management through the following strategic objectives:
- Provide a management structure that provides financially and environmentally sustainable outcomes.
- Achieve excellence in board governance, compliance and engagement.
- Increase visitation and improve the experience for visitors coming to the resorts.
- Build partnerships with regional commercial operators and other groups.
- Protect and enhance the natural environment of the resorts.
- Fulfill the board’s statutory functions as described in the Alpine Resorts Management Act 1997.
- Have sound resort management, development, fire and emergency plans.

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Lake Mountain Alpine Resort

A popular destination for day-trippers, enjoy cross-country skiing, snow play and tobogganing at Lake Mountain.


Mt Baw Baw is the closest downhill ski area to Melbourne, offering accommodation and snow activities.